DOMINEEKY: Who is he?

Dominic Nelson-Ashley – Composer, Music Producer, Sound Designer, Cultural Explorer, Award winning Social entrepreneur.

With half his ancestors being from Sierra Leone the vibrant West African country founded by the first freed slaves and the other half being descended from the Arawaks, original inhabitants of the Caribbean, he was always destined to have a unique perspective on music, creativity, culture, innovation, business and life.

Domineeky’s music career has seen him regularly creating new music in places as diverse as Sierra Leone, Sao Paulo, Havana, New York, Buenos Aires and South Africa, composing for film, writing articles on songwriting for EMI publishing, performing live at festivals with his group of international musicians and being the originator of an award winning social enterprise, He is more in demand than ever.

His music and productions have been heard on Universal Records, BigDada/Ninja Tune, Sky TV, BBC Radio, Channel4 TV (UK), Africa Channel (USA) as well as having his club-friendly tunes being played internationally by Ministry of Sound DJs.

His latest Music Projects have seen him going back to his ancestral roots as well as his love of jazz, funk and analogue synthesizers. Composing and recording have taken place in Brazil, Freetown (Sierra Leone), British Virgin Islands, Cuba’s capital city, Havana and South Africa.

His repertoire of work encompasses producing bespoke compositions and audio for the ever increasing media industry as well as creating new cultural theatre.

Only the future knows what will come next for this creative genius. All we know is that it will be interesting. The journey continues.