Take You On E.P by Domineeky



Good Voodoo Music make a wonderful beginning to 2013 with a splendiferous five track EP from head Voodoo priest Domineeky. Embellished with sophisticated remixes from Pete Dafeet of Lost My Dog infamy, this release is a true melting pot of contrasting continents, boiled down into a wonderful house tincture that will cure the winter doldrums.

The EP begins with two interpretations of ‘Take You On’ from Pete Dafeet, who provides us with vox and instrumental versions of the title track. Bright and skippy live drums play with a retro rim shot and some lovely open hi hats. A rolling, porcelain bassline adds to the live feel of this rework whilst jazzy flute stabs and sweet pads balance out the powerful male vocal. The instrumental does what it says on the tin, cutting out the aforementioned vocal. Either of these tracks would make a very useful and pleasant addition to a record box, but for me the instrumental clinches the win, with its overtones of classic ‘warm up’ house.

‘Soweto Groove’ focuses on Domineeky’s South African influences and was apparently written there on his travels during 2012. My particular favourite on this release comes with both vocal and instrumental versions. The African influences in this production are warm and refreshing, with lots of emphasis on rhythm. Shuffly drums and emotive percussion complemented by a fat Moog bassline and an infected tweaky groove to the vocal, bursts of woodwind and the occasional blast on a hammond organ. It sounds as mad as i have described it, yet works brilliantly and is both a great slice of house music and a breath of fresh air, in a scene that needs to open the windows more often.

‘Revolution 6 Dub’ is a delightfully dark and percussive love affair. Loose drums enhance the curious vibe that this track lends. African rhythms and winding grooves intertwine and snake toward the low end burble of a hammond organ, whilst a sweet male vox tells us by his song to start our own revolution (so convincingly that i nearly did). Well produced, genuinely imaginitive and emotive house music.

Release Date: Out Now
Words: Graeham Lost