Introducing Good Voodoo Afro House Volume 1

Here it is – Domineeky’s first album on Good Voodoo Music. Its out on promo to DJs at the moment and the feedback so far has been excellent. Huge support fromv DJ Vinny da Vinci and Liquideep in South Africa, Robert Owens, Demarkus Lewis, K.O.R.T and others.

As the title suggests, the focus is firmly on African inspired house music.

drawing on Domineeky’s love for African rhythms and percussion, his musical influences that include Atjazz and Osunlade, and a passion for house and club music from the UK and USA. The album presents a 13-track journey packed to bursting point with funk, soul, live instrumentation and percussion.

Reflecting on some of the album’s key points, Domineeky highlights the tracks ‘Umdudo’ and ‘African Pride’ which both feature Nosisi, an opera singer he discovered on a recent visit to South Africa. The language she sings on track 1 is called Xhosa. ‘Reflections On A Memory (Part Two)’ was created as a follow up to a well received earlier version that was supported by Robert Owens amongst others. ‘Tomorrows World Today’ is a nod towards long-standing influences Atjazz and Osunlade, while ‘SuperFunky’ is described as a personal theme tune, inspired by house producers like Phil Weeks and Giom.

Domineeky’s recent EP ‘Promise Me Love’ and his remixes of Good Voodoo Society have received praise from an illustrious group of DJs including Josh from Blaze, Marques Wyatt, Nick Holder, Vincent Kwok and Joss Moog, helping to establish him as one to keep a keen eye and ear on. His earlier music and productions have been heard on Universal Records, Big Dada/Ninja Tune, Sky TV, BBC Radio and Channel 4.

Launched at the end of 2011, the UK-based Good Voodoo Music record label comes from a diverse collective with an emphasis on proper musicianship. The label has a passion for all things deep and soulful, but draws from influences way beyond the dance music sphere blending different global flavours.