World Through Another Window

A Greatest Hits compilation with a difference. 


As always, I wanted to try something different. Give people something they are not used to from me.

With the World Through Another Window LPs, I serve up World Fusion versions of some of my most well known songs. Opting for organic tones instead of the cone-rattling electronically-fuelled AfroHouse club sound I made my name with. 

Here I put a fresh spin on my voice and songs with the live musicians of the Tru Roots Project. 

Afrobeat, Zouk, Afro-Cuban beats and a multitude of diverse flavours – perfect for late night chillout and open air live music festivals. 

My favourites are I’m Ready and We Can All Be Funky.



Bluesman’s Blues, Fantasy (original versions on Dance, Break & Shake LP) 

Moneda Funk (original version on Good Voodoo Afro House Vol 1 LP) 

Chance, The Beholder (original versions on Speaking in Tongues LP) 

We Can Be Lovers, War (original versions on Nomads LP) 

We Can All Be Funky (original version on Time Off for Good Behaviour LP) 

Kinetic Funk (original version on Nu Voodoo Sound LP) 

Live a Little Lie, Do What You Like, One Love, Stop The World, 
Fire and Ice, Nobody Can Hold Me Down, 
Say My Name, I’m Ready (original versions on 24900 Miles From Home LP) 

Revival (original version on Playing With Fire LP) 

Houdini Overtone Dub (original version on Rapture & Lightning Deluxe Edition) 

Say My Name Afrobeat Instrumental (original version on 24900 Miles From Home Late Night Chill LP)