That Jazz Anomaly

The Turquoise Dreams LP is the jazz anomaly in my repertoire.

I went to Havana with my family, had one of the best holidays of my life. I wrote some tunes whilst I was there. Came back home, set up a music for film company, brought in some of my favourite musicians like Otis whose mesmerising guitar work features on Nomads LP and 24900 Miles From Home LP and Kev Howard on didg (who also takes most of my portraits).

The recording sessions produced well known tracks like Moneda Funk in the Green Room and The Beholder Live. The rest of the tracks remained on my hard drive for years whilst Good Voodoo Music took off and the love I received for my Domineeky Afro House tunes was amazing.

But what about the Havana inspired jazz sessions? It didn’t sound like my Afro music or the Tru Roots Project. I couldn’t come up with a name for the LP or face editing 27 Afro-Cuban jams to a coherent LP. In the end I called the album Turquoise Dreams because all the music was recorded in the Green Room Studio and whilst in Cuba, my 11-year-old son had all the holiday kids partying and drinking Blue Lemonades by the swimming pool – the blue colour was due to the shots of blue Curaçao liqueur. He only discovered it was alcoholic on the last day when a new barman arrived.