My Top 5

There are a lot of Domineeky albums (48 LPs at the last count), but which are my favourites?

Here are my top 5 LPs*.

5 – Turquoise Dreams – It’s got a live Afro-Cuban feel. It’s got a unique energy. Also, it reminds me of Cuba.

4 – Beats Without Borders – The first Tru Roots Project LP

3 – Electric Juju – The fastest one I’ve made. 5 days of writing and recording. The lyrics cover a wide range of subjects from the impact of global warming to the refugee crisis.

2 – Broken Systems – I’ve been doing the broken beat / sample cut up style for years, ever since I got my first Emu sampler in 1995 but this was the first time I had done a whole album of it. Sonically, it’s one of my favourites. The bass is so heavy that a deaf woman loved it because she could feel the vibrations.

1 – Rapture and Lightning – This is the one. It’s got a bit of everything I do. Afro-House, slow jams, club-orientated tunes and guitars. Also, the cover art is phenomenal (in my biased opinion), so good that a nightclub has put a version of it on one of their doors.


*My top 5 always changes from week to week.