Origin Stories

When I have an idea it can go in many directions. It can give birth to a symphony or a 3 minute pop song. The Origin Stories tracks are coming from that space. Just like some of my remixes may appear to have no relation to the original to the untrained ear, the Origin Stories series of LPs are tunes that had their roots in other tunes, Like non-identical twins. For example, Mali is a State of Mind, 80’s Child and I Think Therefore I Am all have similar elements but are very different tunes.

Also, these albums, along with the Domineeky Remixed LP, are the first LPs to have my face on without make up. Enjoy.

Rare Roots

I am releasing a compilation of Tru Roots Project tracks called ‘Love is a Dangerous Language (Rare Remixes)’. It’s eclectic, but the music has always been that.

The Tru Roots Project started life because my promoters thought the ‘Beats Without Borders LP’ sounded too different to ‘Good Voodoo Afro House Vol 1’, so I put it out under a different name and made the ‘Sweet LP’. Guess which one was more critically acclaimed and sold more copies? The Tru Roots Project LP. As a side note – I was never happy with the Sweet LP so I remixed it, which is why there is the Sweet LP Afro Edition.

Anyway, back to the Tru Roots Project. It morphed. Always unpredictable – veering from Latin Jazz instrumentals to Rock to Afrobeat. No two albums are the same (but my long time friend and collaborator Akin Fatunmbi is on all of them in some capacity.)

There are many versions of Tru Roots Project tunes. Here, I have compiled the rarest ones. Ones that I love and I hope you will too.

10 Years and Counting

2021 and Britain is still in the grip of a pandemic. I would never have guessed 10 years ago when I started the Good Voodoo Music label that the world would be like this.

To celebrate 10 years of the label, there are 3 special LPs being released:

The ‘Foundation’ LP which showcases the original Good Voodoo Sound, ‘Love is a Dangerous Language’ which is a collection of rare versions of Tru Roots Project tunes and finally, ‘Domineeky Remixed’ which is a collection of remixes done by other artists. All of whom bring a different flavour to what I do. Enjoy.

Time Off?

It is ironic that I have been at my most productive whilst remixing my album called Time Off For Good Behaviour. I was going to do one track but things got out of hand and I ended up making 2 LPs of remixes.

Some of the remixes sound like brand new tunes but the titles often give away the original track (plus calling something a remix gets boring after a while) so Solamente Carnivalista is a remix of Only You. Funky Rhythmatics is a remix of We Can All Be Funky and Caught in a Super Halo is a remix of Caught in a Moment.